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Charge Air Coolers

Detecting leaks in charge air coolers is challenging as there is no visible fluid leakage. Hence, it's advisable to have your CAC cleaned and tested whenever your cooling system undergoes servicing. This practice ensures your engine operates at its optimum level. In the event of turbo failure, we can flush and clean the CAC, eliminating oil and debris that might lead to future engine issues. Before reinstalling the equipment, every job includes rigorous testing of the charge air cooler to confirm it's leak-free. Our skilled technicians can repair various types of CAC leaks, employing techniques ranging from simple epoxy fixes to welding tank cracks. If repair isn't possible, we offer recoring services. We remove your tanks and weld them onto a new core, providing an economical alternative to purchasing a new charge air cooler for your agricultural or construction equipment. Additionally, if replacement becomes necessary, we stock numerous parts, including our standard line backed by an unlimited mileage two-year warranty and a severe-duty bar-and-plate charge air cooler with a lifetime warranty.

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reviewiconFast and Courteous
Excellent service. Helpful staff. Jim Is an extremely knowledgeable and nice guy that would love to share his experiences with you. If you want to keep your money in a family business this is the place.
~ , 02/21/2019
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reviewiconBetter Than A Dealership
They are legitimate, fair, honest, reasonable and quick... Forget dealerships if you need radiator help.
~ , 02/07/2019
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